How to choose olive oil!

Today in stores a very large selection of olive oils. But the question is how to choose a good, taste olive oil.

Extra Virgi olive oil First, you need to understand why you need olive oil. If you want to fry on it, choose Pomace. This purified oil has a burning temperature of 260 degrees Celsius. It is not expensive, but also not benefit.

If you want to add olive oil to salads, make sauces from it, drink in the morning, choose extra virgin olive oil!

Extra Virgin is the first cold pressed oil. It is not subjected to any thermal and chemical treatment and preserves useful substances. The acidity of such an oil does not exceed 0.8%. Suitable for filling raw vegetables and ready meals, as well as for frying at a temperature of not more than 180 degrees. It gives new notes of taste to dishes and is very useful for health.

How to choose extra virgin olive oil

Talking about “Pomace” olive oil is not interesting, because it is just oil, without taste and benefits. It is not for us.

Let’s talk about “Extra Virgin”. Lots of bottles with olive oil have phrase “Extra Virgin”, but not all Extra Virgin oils are good.

See the harvest dates or expiration dates

Only fresh olive oil are benefits. Storing more than a half a year, the product becomes less useful and does not fully betray the taste and nutritional characteristics. It is better to choose a product with harvest dates from the last season.

Choose the right packaging

Light, oxygen and heat are the three main enemies of Extra Virgin olive oil. They contribute to the oxidation of oil and change its taste and nutritional characteristics.

Choose dark glass or tin bottle. They help protect the product from light. Avoid plastic packaging.

Read the label. Look for signs and awards

The label will tell a lot about the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If the label indicates that the product is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Index), it means that it was produced according to the standards of the European Union. Note “Country of production” should be clearly visible. The name of the variety is another hint of quality. Awards from international taste competitions are another indicator of good quality.

How much does a good Extra Virgin olive oil cost?

The price of Extra Virgin olive oil by the method of production can not be low.

For example, olive varieties “Koroneiki”, from which olive oil is most often produced in Greece, weighs only 1.5 grams. A person can manually collect a maximum of 150 kg of olives per day. From 100 kg of olives, depending on the maturity, 12 to 20 liters of oil can be obtained. One tree produces 30-40 kg of olives, and olives are collected only for 4 months in the year from October to January.

Choose a color of Extra Virgin olive oil

Do not pay attention to the color, as it appears in different shades, from bright green to golden and the color of pale straw. Everything depends on the ratio of ripe and green olives in the production process. Official tasters use colored glasses to avoid preferences in favor of green color. The main thing is that there should be no sediment in the oil.

Choose the right taste

There are more than 1000 varieties of olive oil. Each variety of olives has its own taste characteristics, which the artisans of the manufacturers comprehended for several generations. Sometimes varieties are mixed to create even more flavor profiles.

A simple example. If you squeeze out the juice of different apples, sour and sweet, then the taste of the juice will also be different. So in the case of olives. Depending on the variety, microclimate and degree of maturity, they have different taste, and therefore the taste of the oil squeezed out of them will be different.

As with wine, choose the oil that best suits your taste preferences and the dishes that you cook.

The aroma, smell and color can vary radically depending on the country and even the region, the variety of olives, the method and the harvesting time. It is noticed, the hotter the country, the more intense and vivid the aroma and taste.

You can flavor the oil with herbs and spices, soaking them in oil for ten days.

Olive oil is a unique product. Find the olive oil that is right for you and you will get a lot of new delicious emotions!

Which countries produce the best olive oil…

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